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Tech is the future ,for today’s activities and tomorrow’s world.

Softgig is a Digital ICT company Focused On Growing you technologically.

We are a fast growing ICT company in Kenya,with the most dedicated team of young and energetic staff. Our current project is the School Bus Tracker App. Softgig Kenya is the official Distributor of the School Bus Tracker Application in Kenya.School Bus Tracker is a child tracking application in Kenya.

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Our services

Just a few of services we offer,,


As you have seen under our profiles we have some of the best branding techniques that are cutting adge and professional .We are looking forward to signing you to the cutting age technology.

APP Development

Ventured into android apps that suite your needs, we however have partnered with Elitech lab to offer the SchoolBus Tracker and the The School Tracker App.

Web Development

Offering great web services right from the simplest to the most complex site. We are approachable and friendly we work with your price. We also give consultations basing on what you need. Let us help you do it right.

Content Development

With clients already impressed , we are glad to put it out that we are well appreciated for the work we have done so far ,so will you.


This being one of our new fields we can afford fit in your shoes and achieve that goal,you believe in .


Being in the business and growth that we have achieved ,marketing is one of our strong areas .We have both print and social media techniques to help you reach out.

Our work

A dealer in Information and Communication Technology services ranging from software development and other Information and Communication Technology fields.We also offer information communication consultancy.

Our Team

''I have always had a vision for Softgig , a vision of success in the ICT field , School Tracker Applications is one of those vision that i have for us as a company..''
Peter .B. K
Business Developer - School Bus Tracker
CEO , Back-end Software Developer

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Don’t hesitate, talk to us on your next project. We are always open to work with , we do it for for you is our slogan.